Transforming ideas into reality

Our interactive virtual environments enable individuals to fully immerse themselves, revolutionizing the way we experience and engage with spatial designs.

Our cutting-edge realtime interactive applications empower users to engage and interact with virtual environments, creating dynamic and immersive experiences.

Our virtual environments have re–volutionized the field of spatial planning by providing a powerful tools for visualization and exploration. Through this technology, our designers can create immersive digital representations of proposed spaces, allowing stakeholders to experience and interact with them before they are built. This enhances spatial planning by enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the design, identifying potential challenges, and making informed decisions.

Our virtual environments also facilitate collaboration among different parties involved in the planning process, fostering effective communication and consensus-building. Ultimately, the use of our virtual environments leads to more efficient and effective design outcomes, as well as greater stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.

Adapting in the rapidly evolving digital landscape


Innova 4D designtool

Innova 4D is a design tool that makes spatial projects more transparant and assessable. It provides a dynamic environment where you can switch instantly between day and night, different seasons, weather conditions, and changing water levels. All of this can be experienced while having the ability to make adjustments to the design while exploring.

Innova viewer

Innova Planviewer functions as an online communication tool for spatial projects. Within the viewer, we showcase the transformation that a spatial plan will bring to the current situation. By combining interactive maps with 3D visualizations, cross-sections, 360-degree panoramas, and 3D animations, we provide a comprehensive overview of the project.

Innova Real Estate

The Innova Real Estate is a tool that revolutionizes the home buying process by offering a virtual tour of residential and commercial properties. It provides potential buyers with the opportunity to explore various options and visualize their future space in a realistic and immersive manner.

Spatial design

Bold concepts for global issues

Our team of experienced designers and artists are passionate about beautiful and functional spaces that bring joy to those who use them.

Spatial Design
Spatial Design


Visionary perspective

By harnessing the power of visual presentation, we bridge the gap between complex designs and diverse audiences, fostering understanding, engagement, and support for our projects.