Urban oasis with
some unexpected twists


Wolgadreef Utrecht

BPD studio
Urban transformation

Following a spatial and programmatic exploration of development possibilities around Wolgadreef in Overvecht-Zuid, BPD Studio asked us to design a spatial concept based on several analyses and computational models.

  • Architecture
  • Spatial concept
  • Spatial design
  • 3D visuals
  • BPD studio

Densification is better
structuring what has become
disordered elsewhere.


New building

By adding a new building volume to the northern side, a new square is created. The square is dimensioned in a way that it can function as a neighborhood square in terms of size and scale.


Routes and connections

The layout of the square is strongly influenced by the routes that traverse across it. The design of all elements in the public space is aligned with this concept.


Green buffer

The green perimeter of the new square creates an intimate atmosphere. This provides a pleasant space for people to stay, while also staying cool on hot days.



At the center of the square, there is space for experiences and play. Two large art objects are the eye-catchers in this area and serve as play elements, along with the line pattern incorporated into the flooring.

The municipality of Utrecht aims to add 500 homes in the area. Wolgadreef and its surroundings hold potential for implementing designated neighborhood improvements and strengthening the spatial structure of fields and residential neighborhoods. The current stamp structure of residential fields organized around a central square formation, with a radial network of access roads, does not follow the same clear alignment as other residential areas.



During the day, the square serves as an extension of the neighborhood with ample space for leisure and high usability.



In the night the square is subtly illuminated with lighting integrated in it's surface.

Based on a broad spatial layout seeking the optimum balance between densification and feasibility, we further developed this concept into a concrete proposal for the design of public spaces and the architectural elaboration of new buildings. This has resulted in several spatial principles and visualizations that serve as inspiration to further shape the densification of the neighborhood.

Immersive digital reality