The new creative
hotspot by the Waal



Municipality of Nijmegen
Urban transformation

The NYMA site will be a new vibrant part of Nijmegen. Full of hustle and bustle and various activities. Due to its location on the Waal, the area has a rich, layered history and its own unique character. We worked on the development strategy and the development plan for the site. A route has been set out with the aim of transforming NYMA into an attractive place for visitors and entrepreneurs.

  • Spatial strategy
  • Development strategy
  • Placemaking
  • 3D visualization
  • Municipality of Nijmegen
  • Buro Blonk

From an industrialized world to a vivid space for the creative thinkers.

Solution: Our expertise in visualization allows us to create realistic representations of our designs, providing our clients with a clear understanding of what their project will look like before it is built.

The starting point is to develop the site in an organic way, leaving room for unknown, experimental, temporary developments but also more permanent ones. This makes the site scalable over time.

Their stunning visualizations bring concepts to life, underpinned by a sharp urban planning vision. I heartily recommend Studio D for their professional excellence and ability to transform spaces with innovative
design strategies.
Maarten de Wolff
Area developer at De Wolff Groep

To steer this development on the right track, a spatial framework has been included in the development plan.

Within this framework, the joint ambitions have been established by means of five core values. In this way NYMA becomes a development based on local joint knowledge and strength and the existing qualities are the starting point.

Throughout all layers, connections, cooperation and the sharing of knowledge on a large and small scale are sought. The factory forms a growing flexible infrastructure to facilitate this development.