Recreational opportunities
and revitalized natural beauty


Geffense Plas

Zorg & Welzijn Bouw
Water & development

Our expertise in visualization allows us to create realistic representations of our designs, providing our clients with a clear understanding of what their project will look like before it is built. This also allows us to test and refine our designs to ensure they meet the project goals and are feasible to construct.

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From neglected waters to
vibrant leisure, explore the
vision of a revitalized lake!

The plan is to make the Geffense Plas accessible to everyone again. By investing in routes and facilities, including a new main building, the usability and experiential value of the area will be improved. The building will include space for a restaurant, event hall, daycare center, and a hotel. Additionally, a small number of holiday cottages are proposed in a sheltered area behind the new parking lot, which is planned for the northeast corner.



The design carefully considers the zoning of functions. This influences the flow of movement and the way intensive and less intensive facilities are organized.


New entrance

The new entrance road will have a turning loop at the end and a designated area for kiss & ride. The two parking areas are located on either side of the entrance, allowing for efficient distribution of traffic during peak times.


Leisure by the lake

The length of the beach is optimally utilized and directly adjacent to the main building where various facilities are located. Separate facilities for showers and toilets are provided on both sides of the beach.

In addition to the careful integration of existing flora and fauna, efforts are also being made to enhance the landscape and nature. On the western side of the lake, there is an idea to experiment with floating plants that can purify the water.

This recreational area is thoughtfully designed to provide a unique and immersive outdoor experience.

The new main building at the Geffense Plas forms the central hub of facilities. Various functions converge here, creating a vibrant program during the day and evening.

The main building consists of multiple layers that fit together in a stepped manner. This visually limits the impact of its height and allows the building to blend into the adjacent landscape.

By shifting the parking area towards the east, the current parking lot can be integrated back into the forest. This also creates an opportunity to provide the parking area with a solar panel roof.