Combining heritage, circularity and leisure.


De Tiense Watervelden

De Tiense Suikerunie
Energy & Climate

In collaboration with Rimanque Architects, we've engaged in an urban transformation endeavor in Goetsenhoven, Belgium. The primary objective is to seamlessly integrate water purification processes with the establishment of a regionally significant recreational space. Our contribution involved facilitating visual communication through drawings, visualizations, and 3D animations among various stakeholders to ensure a streamlined process.


3D Visualisations

3D Animation

Visual communication drawings


Rimanque Architects

De Tiense Suiderunie

Transforming the former military airport site into a lively recreational space.

Our aspiration is to revitalize the former military airport in Goetsenhoven and its surrounding area into a dynamic regional recreational space. The unique landscape features will serve the dual purpose of enhancing the environment and facilitating the purification of substantial volumes of production water into drinkable water.

Tackling water challenges, driving development through solar power, water sports and biodiversity.

The Tienen Water Fields project is a comprehensive initiative that not only tackles water-related challenges but also propels economic and socio-cultural development, creating employment opportunities. Key features include a solar panel park generating 4.5 Megawatts peak on a water reservoir dedicated to drinking water production. Other reservoirs will be repurposed for water sports, featuring a beach and surrounded by a green buffer zone emphasizing biodiversity and tranquility. An activity hill provides space for specific sports and recreational activities.

The redevelopment of old barracks and the adjacent sports field offers potential for short stays, youth activitiesm and conferences. Preserving existing activities, including those of the flying club, contributes to the site’s continuity.

Former airport buildings. Revitalizing the abandoned airport structures is one of the features project. One example is the neglected control tower of a former military airport. Our architectural vision breathes fresh life into it, turning the space into a vibrant hotel, conference center, and rooftop bar – a seamless fusion of history and modern sophistication.


Airfield revitalisation

Preserved and reorganised functionality of the existing airfield was one of the starting points of the development.


Circular water filtration

Immense amounts of the ground surrounding the airport will be excavated to create an interconnected lake structure that purifies production water in a natural process.


Mountainous landscape

Ground excavated to create the lakes is transformed into an opportunity to create a mountanous landscape for sports and leisure. An unique landmark on the regional scale.

"This project not only enhances the local environment, but also opens doors for sustainable tourism and regional events in the region.”