The new face of the Afsluitdijk.


Afsluitdijk – Kornwerderzand

Province Fryslân

Kornwerderzand, a versatile meeting point where past, present, and future converge, serves as a crucial hub for cars, residents, shipping, recreational activities, flora, and fauna. With ongoing and planned initiatives on the Afsluitdijk, there is momentum to connect various developments in and around Kornwerderzand. The comprehensive area plan, developed in collaboration with partners since July 2022, builds upon existing efforts and aims to position Kornwerderzand as a destination.

  • Spatial concept
  • Spatial strategy
  • Process organisation
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  • Provincie Fryslân
  • Procap
  • Studio Louter
  • Zambeli Landschapsarchitectuur

"Afsluitdijk Wadden Center Kornwerderzand gets a vibrant heart. A central point from which you'll explore the rest of the area and all it has to offer. The AWC has the facilities, space, and potential to be the starting point. To achieve this, the experience on the first floor must be designed as the kickoff point. The interactive elements should entice visitors to discover Kornwerderzand."

"In the future, an iconic part of the Afsluitdijk structure will become an atractive destination.”

In the future, the completed plan at Kornwerderzand will give it a unique identity and charm, becoming an essential part of the Afsluitdijk. The layout, focusing on greenery and water, connects the impressive infrastructure with the special nature of the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea. A carefully thought-out and flexible program will keep things interesting, while a strong underlying organization ensures continuity and a captivating range of activities.


Central entrance

The AWC serves as the central gateway to Kornwerderzand and is easily accessible from both the highway and the water. Additionally, the entrance square at the AWC connects to a network of walking and cycling paths.



A pleasant, sustainable living space with a protected village atmosphere where one can reside surrounded by greenery, in the heart of a vibrant Kornwerderzand.


Camping under the stars

Located by the Wadden Sea, where it's dark enough to see plenty of stars, the location is also ideal for alternative accommodations. For instance, adding temporary camping spots (glamping) to the camper site could attract a different demographic.


FIsh migration river

The Afsluitdijk will gain a new icon: the Fish Migration River. Starting from 2025, water will flow straight through the Afsluitdijk, creating a tidal river that allows fish to migrate between salt and fresh water.



The Kazematten Museum holds a central position in the area with its grounds and visitor center. This is reinforced by the bunkers and fortifications on the Wadden Sea side, as well as on both sides of the second line, which are also accessible and experiential for the public.

"The area plan for Kornwerderzand focuses on enhancing the experience and spatial and functional organization."